Our applied welding procedures: Modern plasma and MIG

Cut-out of heads to size

The starting plates (3D) are cut to their pre-forming size with CNC plasma cutting machines and / or shearing machine.


The first forming process is carried out with a modern hydraulic press. The large radius of the head is formed by selecting a suitable press tool.


Once the bottom crown radius is formed on the flange, the head acquires its final shape. In the process, the workpiece is formed on a forming and on a pressure roller, and the head receives its straight crown part that will be attached to the tank shell.

Bevelling procedure

Bevelling the edge connection point of the heads for welding preparation. Bevelling of the heads is made on our 3D plasma cutter. The type of bevelling is determined by our customers. Our bevelling ranges can be downloaded from the below link.

Surface treatment

We can provide high quality surface treatment processes (pickling-passivating, glass bead blasting).

Grinding and polishing

The outer and inner surfaces of the heads are mechanically grinded / polished to the desired surface roughness, even up to Ra≤0.1µ. Grinding is controlled and properly documented. The surfaces can be prepared for electropolishing if we obtain the roughness values required by the technology.


Surface pickling-passivation of stainless steel heads is performed in-house in our acidification plant, on demand. Our surface treatment plant also complies with the environmental regulations.

Surface protection

We can provide our partners with the surface-ready dished ends protected by a protective foil or other packaging method.

Nozzle cut-outs

Accurate nozzle cut-outs on the tank heads. In our workshop, the nozzle cut-outs can be placed on the finished heads in the required dimension and position with our 3D plasma cutter. In order to cut out the nozzles as accurately as possible, the actual shape of the head of the vessel is fixed by scanning technology, then marked up and / or cut out.

Bevelling ranges PDF download

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