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PATENT Kft. has been operating as a tank manufacturing company since 1989.

Earlier, like most of the tank manufacturers in Central and Eastern Europe, we also sourced dished ends from Western European countries. Procurement was charged by significant transport costs due to the long distances, but often the procurement deadline did not support our meeting the already tight production deadline.

Therefore, in 2020, in addition to the production of tank-type equipment, we decided to expand the scope of activities of the Company with the production of stainless steel dished end and related additional services.

Our strengths are being able to handle all the necessary manufacturing processes in house, not having to cooperate with separate subcontractors or using other sites to meet customers’ needs to the maximum.

Our services

As the cutting the holes for the nozzles and the preparation of bevelling an outstanding time- and labour-intensive workflows during the production process, we have equipped ourselves to mechanize the completion of these work processes. Hereby providing our Customers with an additional opportunity to reduce their costs and meet deadlines.

What we can provide as an additional service:

  • Cutting the holes for the nozzles to desired dimension and position with on-demand welding edge finishing.
  • Grinding of the external and internal surfaces to the desired surface roughness up to Ra <0.1µ.
  • Pickling-passivation for proper cleanliness and immediate formation of a passive layer that prevents corrosion.
  • Forming the connecting edges of the dished ends at the desired angle and dimension.

Our mission

Our primary goals are to serve our customers with a wide range of activities, with high quality, on time, at a competitive price.

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